A simple message today, but it’s an important one if you’re beginning to exploit online marketing through social media.

The message is this: Keep your website at the centre of your online marketing communications and your social media traffic.

Nothing maintains a search engine’s interest in a website like traffic and links. So the more traffic and links to your site from the social networking giants, the better. So if you have a message, like I have this message here, make sure that the message itself lives on your website. Then make sure that your social media posts, on twitter, facebook and others, link to the message on the website.

By way of an example, I’ll tweet about this post when I’ve finished it. I’ll include a link to the post, which will generate a link to my website from a social networking giant. That’s a good start, but with the content of the tweet I’ll do my best to engage my followers and tempt them to click on the link within the tweet. This will generate traffic to my website, which is even better!

Here’s what the tweet looks like, complete with the link back to the post on my website:

Links = traffic = kudos

Remember…. Keep the message on the website